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Stalogy Days Notebook Plain & Dotted

Using sturdy paper that is thin and light, yet does not beedthrough.
Opens flat and easy to write down
Plain: Plain layout which you can write freely
Dot: Pale dots support easy writing of letters and diagrams.

365 Days notebook 1/2 Year notebook Stalogy Notebook
ZEBRA Sarasa Grand Vintage Color

- Adult Sarasa full of luxury
- The golden clip is made of metal
- Matte finish shaft
- Vintage color ink like fountain pen ink

Midori Color Pens for Paintable Stamp 6 pcs assorted

A set of six assorted color pens to beautifully color your stamps.
The nibs are 2 types, a 0.5 mm nib and a brush nib for easy application.


Top Brands

TRAVELER's Company

TRAVELER'S COMPANY (TRC) consists of TRAVELER'S notebook, Brass Products, Spiral Ring notebook and other related products.

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MD Paper Products

MD PAPER PRODUCTS™ are simple, Japan-made products that are designed to get the most out of our exactingly designed MD PAPER.

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Midori is the core brand of Designphil. They provides functional stationery that can be enjoyed together with paper products.

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KOKUYO develops Campus notebooks that are widely used by Japanese students and Jibun-Techo which are standard planners.

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OHTO is a pioneer of ballpoint pens that develops and manufactures pencil-type ballpoint pens and needle point ballpoint pens ー Horizon ー.

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standard & technology.
What should have been, is.


APICA - CD Notebook

APICA is the oldest brand we have been carry on. It features a reasonable and classic design.

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Maruman - Sketchbook

Maruman products support your creativity. Whenever you want to write or draw, Maruman is by your side.

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Beyond Business Notebook.
Mnemosyne, which makes work creative, evolves with the changing values of workers, and by writing on paper, it enriches communication and responds to the values of workers.

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"kleid" means "clothes" and "dress" in German. A stationery brand that pursues the fusion of technical functionality and fashion design.

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Akashiya - Brush Pen "SAI"

With the genuine feel of calligraphy brush, Akashiya brush pens will free you to fully express yourself.

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Mark's - Mark'style

Mark's Inc. Japanese lifestyle staionery brand. Innovative and cool brand from Tokyo.


Replug - Moon Calendar

"Replug" is a brand launched by creators of TDS Co., Ltd. in Tokyo. Replug wall calendar shows you phases of the moon.