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  • July 6, 2021
    • TRC TRAVELER's diary 2022
    • additional items: Customized Sticker, Plastic Sheet, Clear Folder
    • Pre-order available until 7/15/2021
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  • Mar 5, 2021 Blow out sales
  • Mar 1, 2021 Notice
    • About Midori Paintable Stamp
    • Paintable Stamps have stopped accepting Import Order
      because the production cannot catch up for a few months.
      We will add them to the web-site as soon as the stock arrives.
  • Oct 7, 2020 New!
    • Kokuyo Me Gel Pen
    • The Ink refill are 4 colors x 0.5mm and 0.7mm.
      Any refill can be applied.
    • MD Notebook
    • The part number of MD notebook will be changed.
      The reason is that the package goes
      from English captions to Japanese-English bilingual.
      Both packages may be mixed for a while. Please note.
  • May 11, 2020 Updated!
    • With the renewal of the California and Los Angeles County orders,
      we will resume shipping operations from May 15.

      After the receipt work is completed,
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  • January 31, 2020 Notice
    • About Stalogy Products:
      We are currently in the process of renegotiating with Stalogy
      to provide products to our customers more reasonably.

      And we have suspended purchasing until this negotiation is completed.
      Therefore, out of stock items are diable on the catalog.

      We will let you know as soon as this business can be resumed.
      We apologize for any inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding.


Products Line up

2mm grid notes A5

Basic 2mm grid notebook.

Kleid's own 2mm square notebook that can write beautifully the characters and illustrations. It is created in highly versatile A5 vertical type using Japanese highest grade writing instrument "Fool's Paper". A notebook that can be said to be the true point of a brand that realizes a new writing feeling that changes the concept of the notebook.

Use "OK Fouls Paper".

A British paper called "Fool's Cap" that often appears in the detective novel "Sherlock Holmes Series" published by the British writer Conan Doyle in the 19th century. This is said to be the root of the "Fools Paper". Fool's Paper is the highest grade writing paper in Japan with excellent writing aptitude such as smooth writing taste and good ink absorbency. Well compatible with a fountain pen, contains a unique high-grade paper Raid (mesh) and watermark (watermark).

Color (Cover/Paper):
Red/Cream, Green/Cream, Black/Cream
Blue/White, Gray/White, White/White

Dimensions:H8.3" x W5.8"
Pages:64 pages
Order unit:5 PCS / PK
Wholesale Price:$18.00 / PK(5) @ $3.60


Noble note by collaboration of "LIFE" x "kleid".

Kleid has ordered bespoke product "Noble notebook" of Life company. In addition to classical attraction such as Life's own "L writing paper", we adopted 2 colors of paper of cream and white for the rule of 2mm grid and gave functional arrangement only to kleid. In addition, design of college logo tone reminiscent of apparel gives a unique presence.

Special paper "L writing paper"

This is an original paper that is manufactured by Life Co by specifying the quality from the manufacturing stage. It is a neutral paper that can withstand long-term storage, with a smooth touch and high-grade writing paper with less raid and penetration by ink. You can enjoy the two colors of "white" where the gradation of ink stands out and "cream" where the contrast is beautiful with various writing instruments such as a fountain pen, a ballpoint pen, and a pencil.

Noble Note

The Noble series in which the philosophy of "manufacturing" continued from the founding of LIFE was condensed. "Notes that can be used with a fountain pen", "robust binding", "modern design" is a notebook made for people who love writing, with three concepts. Durable and beautiful bound books are carefully made one by one by artisans in downtown Tokyo.

Black/Cream, White/White

Dimensions:H8.3" x W5.8"
Pages:100 sheets / 200 pages
Cover:Clear Cover
Order unit:5 PCS / PK
Wholesale Price:$40.00 / PK(5) @ $8.00

Kraft Work Memo

An impressive 2mm grid memo pad with a rugged kraft paper.

A ring note that combines delicate white 2 mm grids with kraft paper that has a high standard of durability and writing comfort. Another version of the logo is a motivational work to make kleid feel a new direction.

Charcoal, Navy, Olive Drab, Burgundy

Dimensions:H4.1" x W2.8"
Material:Kraft Paper
Pages:70 sheets
Binding:Twin Ring
Order unit:4 PCS / PK
Wholesale Price:$9.20 / PK(4) @ $2.30

2face memo & pen RF

Successor model for the Sationery of the Year Award.

They are the successor of the "2 face memo & pen", winning the Sationery of the Year Award for Best Design Award in the category. Supplied notes and Swiss prodir ballpoint pens are interchangeable with optional refills and are a long-lasting memo & pen set.

Black/Red, Black/Blue

Dimensions:H5.8" x W4.0"
Material:Memo Pad:Paper, Cover:PVC
Pages:100 sheets
Ruled Line:2mm grid
Binding:PVC Cover w/ Penholder
Pen:Prodir Retro Ballpoint Pen 1.0 Black
Order unit:3 PCS / PK
Wholesale Price:$20.40 / PK(4) @ $6.80
Memo Pad Refill: $18.00 / PK(5) @ $3.60
Pen Refill: $12.00 / PK(10) @ $1.20

Solid memo & pen RF

Cool memo pad with similar color's pen.

Durability and functionality are intact, it's a note & pen RF upgraded to a sharp design. All parts of the metallic-like cover, back fabric, and pen were constracted in the same colors. The seemingly improbable visual is kleid.

Black, Silver, White

Dimensions:H5.8" x W4.0"
Material:Memo Pad:Paper, Cover:PVC
Pages:100 sheets
Ruled Line:2mm grid
Binding:PVC Cover w/ Penholder
Pen:Prodir Retro Ballpoint Pen 1.0 Black
Order unit:3 PCS / PK
Wholesale Price:$20.40 / PK(4) @ $6.80
Memo Pad Refill: $18.00 / PK(5) @ $3.60
Pen Refill: $12.00 / PK(10) @ $1.20